What is the WATCH D.O.G.S program?
*Dads of Great Students
*It is a father involvement initiative of the National Center for Fathering that organizes fathers and father figures to promote role models for students and to enhance school security.
*Purpose- To engage men, inspire children, reduce bullying and enhance the educational environment in schools.
*There are more than 2,276 active programs in 41 states who participate.  
Who are WATCH D.O.G.S.?
*Fathers, Grandfathers, Step-fathers, Uncles and other father figures
*Requires volunteering for a full variety of school activities

    What does the program bring to the school?

    *Being a part of the Watch D.O.G.S. program will bring so much energy and enthusiasm to the Discovery community. 
*The children need positive role models.
*Children will strive to do their best when they see men taking the time to visit his/her school.
    What type of School/Classroom Activities will Watch D.O.G.S. perform?
    *Assist with student arrival and departure
    *Lunch with your child
    *Recess with your child's class and other classes
    *Help child with an assignment
    *Run a station
    *Help a student (or group) with reading
    *Work with student (or group) on Math
    *Read to a student (or group)
      What is the level of commitment?
      *Watch D.O.G.S. will volunteer on Fridays from 7:15 AM through 2:45 PM AND/OR shorter activities (for example: greet students during arrival/dismissal; door monitor at events, lunch room, recess. etc)
      For more general program information you may also visit http://www.fathers.com/watchdogs/ and click the "Watch D.O.G.S." tab at the top of the homepage for more information on this program.
      Questions? Please contact Allison Mulieri. 
      This is a PTO sponsored program.